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Periodontal Treatment without Laser – Still State of the Art? > with Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht > Watch it on Facebook

Laser Cavity Preparation – The Big 5 Advantages Compared to Conventional Preparations > with Prof. Dr. Norbert Gutknecht > Watch it on Facebook

Can you have a profitable practice in the age of Corona? Essential strategies to apply > with Dr Anna Maria Yiannikou [MSc.] > Watch on Facebook

Combination of different YSGG  Handpieces for Integrative Cosmetic Dentistry > with Dr Pilar Martin > Watch on Facebook

Laser Powered Orthodontics – Part 1 > with Youssef Sedky

Overcoming Endo Difficulties through Laser-Boosted Outcomes – Part 1 > with Miguel Martins

Light assisted strategies for aesthetic reasons – Part 1 > with Dimitris Strakas

Communicate wisely with your patients & your employees during the post-coronavirus era > with Anna Maria Yianniko

Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy > with Marcia Marques

Laser practices to optimise healing after extraction, and reduce risk for peri-implantitis > with Ilay Maden

Basic Laser Physics (take it with pills and coffee…) – with Rene Franzen

Diode-Lasers in Implantology – with Stefan Grümer

Dental Lasers “An indispensable tool to improve Aesthetics” with Aslihan Üsümez

The 5 most common mistakes in understanding dental laser physics – with René Franzen

Exceptional cases in pediatric oral surgery – advantages in using high resolution digital volume tomography in combination with minimally invasive laser treatment – with Gabriele Schindler

Laser-assisted bleaching. Tips and tricks for a successful treatment – Dimitris Strakas

Laser Treatment in Peri-Implant Inflammatory Diseases – with Codruta Ciurescu

Laser Powered Orthodontics – Part 2 – with Youssef Sedky

WaterLase Express

Faceți cunoștință cu Waterlase Express, a cincea generație de lasere YSGG pentru toate tipurile de țesut. Waterlase are puterea și ușurința de a rezolva problemele dentare mai eficent decât v-ați aștepta.

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Biolase EPIC X

Noul laser cu dioda EPIC X este un dispozitiv chirurgical si terapeutic aflat in avangarda tehnologiei, conceput pentru

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